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Food Activated Raw Food Creations

of information out there when it comes to nutrition, supplementation and just plain getting it all into your body. I had gotten to a point in my life when I thought that I should be healthy due to the education and lifestyle habits I had. 

I had done all the recommended things, took all the supplements and still did not feel right. I never really was one to eat a lot of processed foods but did have the annual burger at one of those chain restaurants. Meals at restaurants were never up to snuff to what I could whip up at home. 

I love to garden, so most my produce comes from there anyways. So where did I go wrong? 

Well, I learned about synthetic vitamins..., then enzymes and then raw food, about upgrading my system and the realization that everyone is different and requires an individual approach to achieve their health and wellness goals.

And most importantly that our state of mind, heart and soul governs our ability to make sensible choices when it comes to our body.

I like to invite you to join me in this journey to radiant health.

It's a jungle...